INEGI´s competencies in the development of metal/composite hybrids featured in TecnoMetal magazine

The scientific-technical magazine on metallurgy and metallomechanics “TecnoMetal” published, under the heading "Innovation and Design", an article about the LaTCh II project, developed by INEGI, in partnership with Moliporex, MCG and Cadflow.

Based on the project’s example, the article - available HERE - addresses the challenges and advantages of investing in composite materials to reduce the weight of car components as a way to increase the vehicles’ energy efficiency.

The result of the LaTCh II project was the production of a suspension arm reinforced with thermoplastic matrix composite materials, 44% lighter than the steel reference arm. The developed product combines composite materials and metal elements through a manufacturing process that ensures competitive costs (with the convergence of hot stamping and over-injection technologies in a one-shot process).

INEGI contributed to the project by the study of materials and structural optimization for product development, the implementation of new manufacturing processes and the prototypes’ creation.

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