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Call for 4 (four) Research Fellowships in the scope of project
“RES2IN – From Research to Innovation: Composite Materials, Structures and Processes
Até 27-02-2014

In the scope of project “RES2IN – From Research to Innovation: Composite Materials, Structures and Processes Research Line”, granted by program SAESCTN-PIIC&DT/1/2011 Norte 07-0124-FEDER-000033, QREN, it is now open a call for 4 (four) Research Assistant Fellowships, under the following terms and conditions:

1 Duration and Regime of Activity: Duration of 12 months, foreseen to start in March 2014, in exclusivity regime, according to the regulation of Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources – 2013 ( and INEGI’s Regulation for Fellowships. After a successful evaluation at the end of the 12 months period, the fellowship may be renewed until the end of the project, 30 June 2015.

2 Work Place: The work will be undertaken at the INEGI/FEUP facilities, Porto, Portugal.

3 Brief Description of the Project: Within the framework of this project, it is aimed to add critical mass, implement research strategies and accomplish specific research and innovation developments in order to foster each of the six scientific topics of the Composites Group:

Topic 2. Modelling of Composites Manufacturing Processes (MCMP);

Topic 4. Structural Dynamics, Vibroacoustics and Health Monitoring of Composites (SDVHM);

Topic 5. Multiscale Structural Modelling of Composites (MSMC);

4 Fellowship Activities: The selected candidates, will be involved in basic and applied research and development activities according to the selected topic/profile described in Section 6 of this call.

5 Required Profile: MSc (or equivalent) degree in Engineering (Mechanics, Aerospace, Chemistry or Materials), Physics or related areas.

6 Applicable Research Topics and Profiles



Profile #


Profile and Required Background




Dr. Hugo Faria

Multi-physical Modelling of Phenomena; Numerical Analysis (incl. finite element method); Composites Manufacturing Processes; Filament Winding; Tow Placement;




Dr. César Vasques

Structural health monitoring (SHM); smart materials and structures; mechatronics and structural control; experimental mechanics; non-destructive testing (NDT); composites materials characterization and structural testing.




Dr. António Melro

Numerical modelling of structural components in composite materials; fracture behaviour of composites; constitutive modelling.
Preference: experience in multi-scale modelling.




Dr. António Melro

Numerical modelling of structural components in composite materials; programming and algorithm development skills; pre- and post-processing of finite element analyses. Simulation of impact on structural components.
Preference: experience with Python and Matlab programming languages.

7 Fellowship Subsidy: In accordance with the current values for a Scientific Research Fellowships in Portugal defined by FCT-Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (980 Euro per month), plus social security contribution) (

8 Applicable Legislation and Regulation: fellowship contract will be celebrated according to the “Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology-2013”, to the INEGI Grant regulations approved by FCT, and to the Status of Scientific Research Fellow (Lei nº 40/2004 de 18 de Agosto, and its successive amendments) (

9 Selection Method: The selection method will consist of two phases. In a first phase a curriculum evaluation (40% weight) will be performed to select candidates passing to a second phase; in a second phase the selected candidates will be interviewed (60% weight), with the purpose of producing an ordinated list of selected candidates according to the specified selection criteria. Preferable selection criteria are: the scientific merit of the candidate; profile adequacy and experience in the topics and profiles of this call; a minimum 14/20 average grade in the MSc (or equivalent) graduate course; sustained demonstration of good interpreting and writing capabilities in English.

10 Jury Selection: Dr. António Melro, Dr. César Vasques, Dr. Hugo Faria, and Dr. Nuno Correia.

11 Notification of Results: Final results of the evaluation will be sent by email and published online at

12 Application Documents:

a) Presentation and motivation letter demonstrating adequacy to the selected topic and profile;
b) Curriculum vitae, MSc degree (or equivalent) certificate and list of attended courses (with grades);
c) Copy (in digital format by e-mail) of one technical document (preferable in English) produced by the candidate (MSc thesis, or, alternatively, a report, paper,…) evidencing the capability of the candidate to write and produce technical documentation (not mandatory).

Note: Application to more than one area and/or topic is allowed, with the requirement that different motivation letters should be submitted for each individual profile selected.

13 Application Deadline and Submission: The call is open from 13 to 27-Feb-2014. The application documentation may be sent by email or postal mail to the address below, clearly indicating the reference code defined in Section 6 (e.g., RH. RES2IN UMEC 09/14 (T2P1) for application to topic 2 and profile 1).

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