Wind energy: study with INEGI participation has highlighted in Nature magazine

Perdigão project – which was featured in an article from a Portuguese newspaper (Público) – aims to perform the world’s most detailed wind-mapping. Perdigão is part of the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) project which aims to create the new european wind atlas, as the title suggests.

As referred to in Nature magazine article, next months will be spent on measuring nearly everything it can about the wind that blows through the site, using an unprecedented arsenal of meteorological equipment, which will study speed, direction and other characteristics. “The aim is to illuminate fundamental properties of wind flow over complex terrain, to help researchers improve atmospheric computer models and enable engineers to decide where to put wind turbines to get the most energy from them”.

The results of the project Perdigão should also “improve models of how air pollution sinks into valleys and help drones and aircraft to navigate gusty mountain terrain”.

Nowadays, “Europe gets 11% of its total energy from wind. But just a 10% shift in wind speed can change the amount of energy produced by up to 30%”, says the Nature’s article.

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