R&D Fields and Topics

The R&D fields developed in INEGI in the field of Tribology, Vibrations and Industrial Maintenance are:

Tribology of Machine Elements
The most relevant topics developed by INEGI in the field of Tribology of Machine Elements have been:
  • » Gears, rolling bearings, cam / follower, piston ring / cylinder liner, journal bearings…
  • » Gear oils, base oils (Mineral, Ester, PAO, PAG), additives, biodegradability, low-toxicity;
  • » Industrial gear oils; Wind turbine gear oils, Bio-oils…
  • » Greases, Lithium and Polymeric thickeners, bleed oil, Bio greases…
  • » Gears: low-loss geometry, lubrication, scuffing, micropitting, wear, torque loss…
  • » Rolling bearings: friction torque, rolling torque, sliding torque, power loss…
  • » Rolling bearing: oil and grease lubrication;
  • » Gear coatings, gear materials…
  • » Lubricant analysis, failure analysis, machine condition monitoring…

Surface Engineering and Surface Coatings
The most relevant topics developed by INEGI in the field of Surface Engineering and Surface Coatings have been:
  • » Tribology of nano reinforced coatings for journal bearings;
  • » Hard coatings tribology (Ti B2 and other systems);
  • » Gear coatings – MoS2-Ti, and C-Cr;
  • » High speed machining;
  • » Titanium alloys milling and drilling.

Vibration of Machines and Structures
The most relevant topics developed by INEGI in the field of Vibration of Machines and Structures have been:
  • » Vibration analysis/ Experimental modal analysis, Signal analysis: machines, structures, gearboxes;
  • » Passive vibration control technologies/ viscoelastic damping treatments, composition cork, shunted piezoelectric devices: circular saw blades, railway wheels, panels, composites with viscoelastic layers;
  • » Active vibration control technologies/ piezoelectric sensors and actuators: composites with piezoelectric layers, shunted modal piezoelectric transducers;
  • » Vibroacoustic of vibrating structures: cavity-plate system with viscoelastic damping treatments.

Industrial Reliability and Maintenance
The most relevant topics developed by INEGI in the field of Industrial Reliability and Maintenance have been:
  • » Maintenance of machines, installations, refining installations, …
  • » Reliability of machines, installations, refining installations…
  • » RAMS Analysis
  • » RBM, RCM and TPM
  • » Lean Maintenance and Management
  • » (Physical) Asset Management – BS PAS - 55
  • » Auditing of Reliability and Maintenance
  • » Lubricant analysis (Viscosity K&D, Pour point, TBN, Oil View, Ferrometry, Ferrography, Particle counting, Particle filtering, FTIR …)
  • » Lubricant analysis – steam turbines, compressors, engines, gearboxes…
  • » Failure analysis (gears, rolling bearings, gearboxes, engines…)
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