Articles in International Journals

A Novel Solar Façade Concept for Energy Polygeneration in Buildings
Armando C. Oliveira
Int J Low-Carbon Technologies, vol 11, nº 4, pp
Validation of a CFD model for the simulation of heat transfer in a tubes-in-tank PCM storage unit
Yosr Allouche, Szabolcs Varga, Chiheb Bouden, Armando C. Oliveira
Renewable Energy, vol 89, pp 371–379
Reaction-diffusion fronts of aluminum dust cloud in a system of random discrete sources
M. Bidabadi, A. Biouki, E. Yaghoubi, A. Rouboa, A. Poorfar, M. Mohebbi
Energy, vol 107, pp 639-647
Mathematical modeling of premixed counterflow combustion of organic dust cloud
M. Bidabadi, M. Akbari, A. Poorfar, E. Monteiro, A. Rouboa, A. Rahbari
Renewable Energy, vol 92, pp 376-384
From laboratorial to pilot fluidized bed reactors: Analysis of the scale-up phenomenon
Nuno Couto, Valter Silva, Cláudia Bispo, Abel Rouboa
Energy Conversion and Management, vol 119, pp 177-186
Municipal solid waste gasification in semi-industrial conditions using air-CO2 mixtures
Nuno Couto, Valter Silva, Abel Rouboa
Energy, vol 104, pp 42-52
Numerical Simulation of a Hybrid Concentrated Solar Power/Biomass Mini Power Plant
João Soares, Armando C. Oliveira
Applied Thermal Engineering, vol
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