Wear and Lubrication Lab

» Pin-on-Disc Machine
- Rotating pin-on-disc contact
- Reciprocating pin-on-plate contact

» Micro-Scale Abrasion Tester; Ball Cratering

» Block-On-Cylinder Tribometer
Wide ranges of load (70 to 1200N), speed and lubrication regime.
A rotating steel cylinder (d = 120mm) slides against a testing block, in dry condition or using deep feed lubrication.

» Four-Ball Machine
To test lubricants under standard (IP 360).
Two types of tests:
- scuffing (IP 239), where the upper ball slides against the 3 lower balls,
- rolling pitting fatigue (IP 300) where the upper ball rolls against the 3 lower balls.

» Twin Disc Machine

» Ball-on-Disc Machine (EHD2)
Film Thickness: 1 to 1000 nm;
Load: 0 to 50 N;
Contact Pressure: 0 to 0.7 GPa (steel ball on glass disc); 0 to 3 GPa (WC on sapphire);
Speeds: 0 to 4 m/s;
Temperature Range: Ambient to 150°C;
Test Sample Volume: 120 ml.
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