Vibration and Noise Lab

» Vibration analyzer (Signal Analyzer - Bruel & Kjaer 2035)
The dual channel signal analyzer is a FFT-based system for signal and system analysis. It has available tools for all major applications in the areas of vibration, structural and modal testing and analysis.

» Electro-magnetic shakers and Instrumented hammers
The vibration exciters can be used in several applications such as determination of the dynamic characteristics of machines and structures. The excitation can be applied with electromagnetic shakers driven by an amplified signal from a generator or with an impact hammer that imparts to the test structure a smooth excitation spectrum over a broad frequency range.

» Vibration transducers
The motion (or dynamic force) of a vibrating body is converted into an electrical signal by the vibration transducers, like piezoelectric transducers (accelerometers) or non contact laser Doppler vibrometers.
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