CETRIB 25th Aniversary


INEGI celebrates the 30th anniversary in 2016 and the Unit of Tribology, Vibrations and Industrial Maintenance (CETRIB), created in 1991, celebrates the 25th anniversary.

The Open Day intends to present the Institute skills and capabilities and promote the dialogue and exchange of experiences between our staff and INEGI industrial and scientific partners in the fields of Mechanical Transmissions, Vibrations of Dynamic Systems and Industrial Maintenance.

OPEN DAY - May, 6th 2016

10h00 – 17h00 Reception @ INEGI building
  • Parking available near the building

    10h00 – 12h00 Open Day - Visit to CETRIB’s Laboratories

    • • M001 – Wear and Lubrication Lab
    • • M112 – Lubricant Analysis and Metrology Lab
    • • M206 – Vibrations Lab

    15h00 – 16h30 Technical Session – CETRIB: Present and Future

    16h30 – 17h00 Commemorative Session

    • - Room Professor Vasco Sá
    • - Moderator: Professor Monteiro Baptista

    • • Professor Jorge Seabra, CETRIBs Director
    • • Professor Alcibíades Guedes, INEGIs President
    • • Professor João Falcão e Cunha, FEUPs Director

    17h00 – 18h00 Get-together – Porto d’honnour (INEGI Restaurant)

    Mandatory Registration

    Please for Registration send an e-mail to Manuela Nogueira – INEGI (mnogueira@inegi.up.pt) with the following information:

    Subject: Registration - OPEN DAY - May, 6th 2016
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    Thank you for joining us on this date!

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